Studio Soundlab isn’t just a recording studio: it was founded in 2008 as a cultural association by a group of musicians and technicians passionate of Blues, Jazz and popular music, promoting original music and supplying an easy access to production to indipendent artists. Within a short time, a network of producers and professionals developed around the studio: a creative inter-disciplinary laboratory open to musical and theatrical projects, videos, exhibitions, equipped with rehearsal and recording studios and professional instruments for audio-visual productions and live events.

Another imporant area of activity is related to didactics,  with lessons and workshops (music ensemble, instrument, home recording), marked by the same practice and knowledge sharing philosophy which drives the entire project.

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Soundlab appears in the “L.F.A. register” of the Bologna district (a public list of cultural associations approoved by the municipality of Bologna) and in the YoungERcard circuit (benefits for holders). Studio SoundLab welcomes interns as agreed with the University of Bologna.

The following artists play, have played or recorded at our studio:  Federico PoggipolliniNilza Costa,  El V & The GardenhouseHotel Chevalier,  Spacca il SilenzioLes Touches Louches,  Valeria d’Astoli, Ganja GardenKorach & Blue VibrationsTravellers,  Rocco Casino Papia, Gian Marco Basta, B. R. B.,We Play for CashMystical Rull, Arsenie, Nio, Ivano 127 Rosso, Pablo Karaman, Altare Thotemico, K-Smile, Irumamuri, The Daddy Daddy Blues BandMr No Money Blues Band,Lowbrow!, Janky Brothers Blues BandMicha SoulEtnia Super Santos, Nameless, Alex Carpani,  Francesco Cusa, Mariposa, BlueBerries Q.et., Bradipos IV, Overcrowded duoOne Eyed JacksLanfranco MalagutiBad GentlemanMetissound

A free association which promotes, organises and plays free music.

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